Bury that Hatchet.

via Daily Prompt: Bury

Bury that Hatchet. Because life is too short to live any other away.

The moment I saw the word ‘bury’ on the daily prompt, the first thing that came to mind was ‘bury the hatchet.’ I think it’s a good first post for me (as a response to the daily prompt, that is).

I believe that it’s not about them, it’s about me. It’s like that saying, ‘Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.’ So today, I say, forgive. Not for them, but for me. I’ve spent enough time, thinking about what they said, what they did. Chances are, they don’t even remember it. But, what about I? I hold on to it. Worry about it. Every waking moment spent on trying to figure out why this happened, about why the person behaved that way, plotting how best I could get even, thinking of the hurtful things I’d to say them.

Sometimes, the obsession is so deep, I almost forget why I was angry with the person, and all that remains is that anger.

Sometimes, it’s so petty that it’s not even an issue for me anymore, I wouldn’t even have considered something so trivial, but…there’s that anger, the bitterness, not allowing me to let go, not allowing me to break free, keeping me grounded, manacled, leaving me frustrated and miserable.

But mostly, I cannot forget it, and that’s okay. Things happen for a reason, and we all learn something. There’s something good, some lesson to take away even from the worst happenings, if we pay attention. The universe never does random. They’re all connected somehow. We’re all put to test, put in situations, rewarded, punished. But mostly, we are all part of a bigger plan, something greater than ourselves. There’s a big world out there, so much to see, explore, cherish, admire…

Instead, we shackle ourselves, every negative emotion weighing us down, making it harder to stay afloat, making it harder to move forward. And we wonder why life is so hard and complicated. It’s not, not really. We make it that way.

It’s time to let it go.

It’s time to walk away.

It’s time to not look back.

It’s time to break free.

It’s time to…

Bury that hatchet.


2 thoughts on “Bury that Hatchet.

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    1. Thank you, Karen.(:
      Sorry about the late reply. This is the part where I give you an excuse, but often, it’s never justified; I’ll get straight to it.

      Yes, but unfortunately it is easier said than done, is it not? The world would be a much better place if we could just take a step back and ‘count to ten.’
      I hope you find the strength to do the right thing, all the best.(:

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