What Cats Have Taught Me.


  1. Not be afraid to go after what you want: determination.

Anybody who has a cat knows that these delightful creatures are relentless, determined, and laser-focused. Ever see them chatter at a bird across the yard? Or maybe they want to get into the bathroom, or maybe they are trying to wake you up. Try and pull a cat away from bird-watching, oh boy, you’re in for a long struggle. They will not deter from their course. It’s a worthy lesson for us. Know what you want, and go after it, and don’t let anything change your mind. “Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.”


  1. Not hesitate to speak your mind.

Cats have no trouble making their demands known. My litter box has a clump in it, or, My food bowl is empty. They will tell you, and they will not waste time doing so, regardless of the demand. As human beings, we are forced to be nice, conform to societal niceties. To belong is the right thing. So, it’s natural to go ahead with what everybody else is. But we must never forget to make our thoughts known. Don’t like an idea? Tell them. You don’t feel so good about going out today? You don’t have to. Never be afraid to tell people what is on your mind. It might be more tempting to just say ‘yes,’ it might be a little difficult at first to voice your opinions but life is short.


  1. It’s not rude to put your needs first.

Let’s face it, cats are pretty blunt. ‘Yes, I want Sardine, not Tuna.’ And they won’t compromise, or have it any other way. Most people spend their lives sacrificing, taking care of others’ needs. But one must remember that in order to help others, you must help yourself. It’s your life, the only one you’ve got. And you must make the most of it.



  1. There’s nothing wrong with wanting space.

Cats get very stimulated when petted for too long. They’ll start lashing their tails, and if you’re not smart enough to get the hint already, you’re in for a hiss (or a bite). Not to say that they enjoy being alone (yes, some of them do), but they prefer to have solitude, to get away for a while, and recharge. And similarly, so do we. Sometimes we need space, to reflect, for introspection, or simply be left alone, get away from all that sensory stimuli. And that’s okay. It doesn’t make you a recluse, and it certainly doesn’t make you a bad person for wanting that.


  1. Patience is key.

One of the best things about cats is their patience. They are not easily frustrated and they have their eye on the prize. Ever see them leave their object of focus? No. At times, we all feel the need to give up and give in. But hold out a little longer, and you never know. After all, “best things come to those who wait.” (The cat eventually gets what it wants, does it not?)


  1. Never back down.

One of the reasons I admire them. This is my personal favourite. Long story short, I intervened to try and break off a fighting duo; those cats bit me, a wonderful ‘bone deep’ bite. Anyway, thing is, they continued to want to fight, as I rushed one of the cats to safety. ‘Scaredy cat,’ my classmates used to say, to tease somebody who was afraid. I say different. Cats are not afraid, and they will not back down from a fight. They will continue to stand their ground and keep at it, even if they cannot do so. Most of the time, we are backed into the corner, forced to surrender. All hope seems lost, so what now? Don’t. Back. Down. If things don’t look good, hell, go down swinging. That’s what a cat does, and that’s good enough for me.


3 thoughts on “What Cats Have Taught Me.

Add yours

    1. Haha! Non-believer, eh? Yes, a cat can be bit of a ‘smarty Alec’. My father used to dislike cats. He’s a changed man now.
      Besides, I think dogs are marvellous creatures too. I love all animals, but cats always seem to bag number one on my list.


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